My background

My background is in Classics. I taught Latin, Greek and Ancient History at secondary level for many years. Studying this rich visual culture has provided me with a strong foundation in art history and a delight in story-telling. Many of my carvings have a narrative aspect to them and are based on works from the ancient or medieval world.


Observing and copying earlier carvings is an inspiring way to develop skills and understanding. My carving of St John the Evangelist is based on a figure from an altarpiece by Tilman Riemenschneider carved between 1490 and 1492. I have added my own touch by including an eagle in the composition. In my carving of a squirrel in an apple tree, based on a carving by Violet Pinwill c.1906, I have incorporated a spiderweb and some other creatures into E.H. Sedding's original design. The carving Eve Takes the Apple is based on the fabulous stonework of Gislebertus, but the snake is my own addition. Images hidden away in churches, like misericords and bench ends, are a major inspiration. I also enjoy designing my own work, like the Wolf and Crane carving, which is an interpretation of an Aesop fable.

Current and Future work

I am versatile and able to carve traditional decorative details, lettering and elements closely observed from the natural world, including portrait sculpture. I most enjoy stylised figurative work, particularly animals and birds, either in relief or as sculptures in the round. I am happy to consider public or private commissions and can be contacted on